We understand why people stick around
Our mission is to turn churn into retention with relevant, real-time customer guidance.
Data driven retention for the modern online business.

Our Goals

Make an impact

We want to change the dialog from 'serving traffic' to paying attention to each and every user.

Be performant

We know that you have less than three seconds to convince someone to stay. We want to do better than that.

Challenge the incumbents

We want to make the difficult seem easy. Powerful, expensive, and hard to use should not go hand-in-hand.

A tight knit group that has worked together across several successful and not so successful ventures over the last fifteen years.

Rajeev Raman
CEO, Redfast
Steve Mui
CTO, Redfast
Mark Siegel
MD, Menlo Ventures
Emma Lloyd
CCO, Sky
Kelly Kramer
CFO, Cisco
Yvette Kanouff
Partner, JC2 Ventures
what's new
Bye Bye Cookies. Hello Intent!
Jan 25, 2021

So this just happened today...Google says Chrome cookie replacement plan making progressCookies are dead. You knew that but it's happening now and there is a whole gaggle of martech systems that won't talk to each other like they used to. That's just the tip of the iceberg. The real problem is that your user acquisition programs won't work like they used to, like this month.

Are You Sitting on a Customer Retention Goldmine?
Jan 12, 2021

Instead of viewing a purchase as the end of your funnel, view it as the beginning of an entirely new funnel - one that focuses on turning a paying customer into a brand champion.

Webinar - Implementing best practices from E-Commerce for Cloud TV subscriptions
Dec 7, 2020

Join us as we explore this topic in depth with our partner Katura. In this webinar, we’ll put the retail industry in the spotlight by looking at some successful data strategies and how they can be implemented in Cloud TV services to improve business goals.

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