• Redfast Promotions

    Data Driven, full screen interstitials that are personalized, timely, and budget based.

  • Redfast Experiences

    Go beyond promotions to deliver highly targeted, invisible, high impact changes to your app experience.

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How it works

Usage is the most reliable indicator of churn. By analyzing 30+ crucial usage indicators, Redfast provides you with the knowledge and controls to positively impact members in real time.

Segment of One

From built in usage traits, location, device, and time targeting as well as custom traits, that only care about an individual's experience with your app, you have an unparalleled ability to reach the right user at the right time with the right action.

Budget Driven

We know that you live by monthly budgets and targets which is why advanced budgeting, scheduling, and limits are built directly into the platform.

Powerful Streaming Data Platform

An advanced architecture built using the same technologies that companies like Uber use for surge pricing, real time personalization and targeting. Best of all it is cloud agnostic and can run within your cloud infrastructure to keep your data right where it belongs or hosted on AWS.

Custom Targeting

Expand the built-in targeting with custom traits specific to your business. Combine custom traits with built-in traits for unmatched targeting.

Always On

No APIs or SDKs needed. Redfast utilizes a patent pending method to make time sensitive information available wherever you need it.

Real Time

With sub millisecond latency, you are always guaranteed to interact with users while they are on your site or app.

Custom Actions

Go beyond retention to create unique end-to-end experiences for your users from the app to marketing, billing, support and fulfilment.

Extensive Integrations

An ever expanding list of 3rd party systems from Stripe, to Apple Billing, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, SendGrid, and CampaignMonitor.

Machine Learning

Rules based machine learning built in to help you understand the cause and effect relationship between LTV, NPS, Usage, CAC and more.

"Our ROI with Redfast has been almost immediate; we seeing gains in terms of revenue and customer success."
Lynn Perkins
CEO, UrbanSitter
“It took me all of 15 minutes to understand the product.This is a no brainer must have for any subscription business.”
Tom Ryan
CEO, PlutoTV
“Their lightweight, out-of-the-box, feature rich, cost-effective approach is unmatched."
Emma Lloyd
Chief Business Officer, Sky

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