An industry-first way to understand and manage your users based on the stage of their life cycle with your business.

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User Experience
Redesigned for Speed and Repeatability

The average Redfast customer has over 25 segments, 15 logins, and 50 personalizations. With this rapid growth in usage, we had to redesign the product so routine tasks are easy and teams can be productive.

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Living Room Devices

Redfast now supports the most popular living room devices end to end. You can now monitor, target, and guide users on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Samsung TV devices.

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Standardized Guidance Layouts

After processing billions of guidance events across multiple industries and devices, we have adopted the following eight layouts.

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Guidance, Testing

Sequences allow you to guide and message a customer over multiple visits and across devices all while maintaining awareness of how the customer responded to the previous message.

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Monitoring, Guidance
Real Time

Redfast Real Time is an interactive tool to add guides and promotions anywhere on your website without programming.

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