No Coding Required

Redfast uses technology already in place on modern sites for a fast, easy, and no-code deployment. Advanced automation empowers you to increase engagement with At Risk users in days.
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Automated platform produces instant insights and actionable personalization in just days

1. Activate the Redfast Tag
Use a tag manager to add Redfast to your website in minutes without coding. Not using a tag manager? No problem. Add one <script> tag to your site and you are on your way!
2. Configure User Data Connector (optional)
Use connectors for Looker, Tableau, Vindicia, Stripe, Recurly, Salesforce, Braze, Sendgrid, Zendesk, Segment to automatically sync user attributes for targeting. Additional built-in sync directly from local storage, cookie, JS.
3. Inspect Pipelines
Redfast automatically creates applicable membership, engagement, and e-commerce pipelines. Membership pipeline organizes your subscribers into anonymous, registered, trial, monthly, annual members. Subscribers are further classified into Engaged and At Risk groups at every stage.
4. Customize & Activate Personalizations
Customize built-in cancel save, annual plan upsell, content, and feature guidance personalizations for your audience. Using built-in connectors configure 1-click subscribe, purchase, feature, and content actions.
5. Positively Impact Your Business
Experience double-digit improvement to churn, engagement, service usage, and revenue in less than 30 days. Empower product, marketing, sales, and finance teams to guide and nurture your users.
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