Foresight, meet Hindsight
An end-to-end solution for growth teams to monitor, target, guide, and convert users.
An end-to-end solution for growth teams to monitor, target, message, and fulfill personalized customer experiences in real-time.

Redfast is an end-to-end solution for growth, product, and technology teams to build and deliver personalized experiences.

Why it Works

Usage is the most reliable indicator of retention. By monitoring crucial usage indicators and combining it with business information and real-time in app guidance, growth teams can deliver double-digit improvement to engagement and retention.

Segment of One

With nearly unlimited ability to customize usage monitoring without any coding and combining that with business information in real-time, Redfast gives you an unparalleled ability to pick people out from the crowd.

Power of Suggestion

Guide your customers towards what's in your mind but in a way that is natural and effortless to them. Use the power of rich promotions, inline messaging, or even hidden actions to deliver an endless number of variations of your product experience.

Powerful Streaming Data Platform

An advanced architecture built using the same technologies that ride sharing companies use for surge pricing, real time personalization and targeting. Redfast is cloud agnostic and can run within your cloud infrastructure or hosted on AWS.

Customizable Targeting

Easily customize usage monitoring to your site without any coding. Combine custom monitoring built-in targeting for ultra-precise targeting.

Advanced Actions

Experience the power of cascading 1-Click actions that connect directly to your billing and CRM systems as well as your backend.

Fast Start

If you use Google Tag Manager on your website, we'll have you up and running the same day. Even if you don't, we provide SDKs for web, iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Extensive Integrations

An ever expanding list of 3rd party systems that you can directly connect like Stripe, Vindicia, Apple IAP, Roku Billing, Google Play, Amazon IAP, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SendGrid, Braze, and Zendesk.

Real Time

With sub-millisecond latency, you are always guaranteed to impact users when they are on your site or app.

Machine Learning

Rules based machine learning built in to help you understand the cause and effect relationship between LTV, NPS, Usage, CAC and more.
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