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Redfast Active User Personalization uses the user's intention and presence to engage them with a personalized feature, content, or offer.


Redfast organizes active users into member, engagement and commerce pipelines automatically.


Zero in on changes to an individual user's consumption with built-in engaged and at risk segments.


Guide the user to a mutually beneficial action that can be completed in 1 click.


Redfast guides more than 50 Million users each day to a better experience.


Never annoying because it's always relevant and always personal. Redfast uses machine learning to precisely target each subscriber based on what they have or have not done.
High Risk
Direct and powerful prompt when the subscriber is at high risk of cancellation
Medium Risk
Help the subscriber get more from your service while you still have the chance
Low Risk
Expand your relationship with customers that are getting a lot out of your service


Redfast connects directly to your billing or member system to supercharge highly relevant and personalized customer prompts with 1-Click outcomes.
Jackie, your next month is on us!
Just our way of saying thank you!
Set a daily budget and let Redfast do the rest. Automatically matches the offer to the customer's lifetime value
Would you like to take a break next month?
We'll pause your subscription for 30 days
Life happens. For some customers, the best option is to let them take a break from your service.
Jackie, we found a better plan for you!
Try the basic plan at $5.99 and save.
By matching the customer's usage to the their plan's benefits, Redfast can direct the customer to a plan that is better matched for them.
Jackie, you can save 35% with the Annual plan
Thank you for being a member!
Create a win-win for the engaged subscriber that rewards their loyalty and lifetime value.

Media & Entertainment

Built for and used by the largest streaming services around the world to reduce churn and increase awareness

Health & Wellness

Ideally suited for subscription services looking to increase customer engagement and repeat visits


Increase adoption of pay-as-you-go models and guide customers through courses and achievements


Redfast with Amazon Pinpoint

Use on-platform behavior to drive off-platform actions.

Supercharge AWS Pinpoint Email, SMS, and Push with Redfast Active User Behavior to personalize outbound messaging in powerful new ways.

Initiate Email, SMS, and Push actions for targeted active users. Dynamically personalize outbound message using on-platform interactions.

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