Dynamic Subscriber Experiences


Leverage subscriber information for better retention and growth
Not only does Zuora power over 1,000 subscription businesses, Zuora nurtures critical information about a subscriberthat is under-utilized. Also, while Marketing and Finance teams can quickly create offers and define dynamic pricingstrategies, implementing and testing them requires significant engineering time that can prove costly in today’s hypercompetitive world.

The Redfast Solution

Active User Personalization that maximizes the subscriber experience with dynamic pricing, offers, and features
Redfast is an Active User Personalization platform that connects directly with Zuora without any coding. Redfast extracts vital subscriber information like renewal date, acv, first bill date and combines it with subscriber usage information that it collects to personalize the active subscriber experience with dynamic pricing, offers, features and content.

Subscribers are automatically organized into member, engagement, and commerce pipelines to provide growth, product, marketing, and finance teams a structured approach to building healthier subscriber experiences. Redfast with Zuora adds the Zuora Renewals pipeline as well as the Zuora Engagement pipeline that synthesizes Zuora’s experience across hundreds of subscription businesses into an actionable framework for your business.


Architect your business for recurring revenue growth by utilizing the Zuora Subscription Graph built into Redfast to create frictionless subscriber experiences.

Subscription Graph

Redfast combines Zuora subscriber graph information with actual product usage information to create targetable customer segments.

Dynamic Subscriber Experience

Target specific groups or, even individuals, with a personalized call-to-action for customized pricing, offers, or even features when they are on the site.

Increase Renewals

Use the Zuora Renewals pipeline built into Redfast Pipelines to proactively identify and target customers for renewals before the renewal date.

Increase Upsell

Use the Zuora Engagement pipeline built into Redfast Pipelines to target engaged customers with offers.

Redfast on Zuora

Redfast is an Active User Personalization platform that continuously monitors how a subscriber is using or not using your product todeliver targeted remedies that result in better retention and growth. By augmenting a customer’s product usage with subscriptioninformation and entitlements from the Zuora Subscriber Graph, Redfast can deliver even more tailored remedies and opportunitiesfor each subscriber with 1-click outcomes powered by dynamic pricing.


Renewal and Engagement Pipelines

Maximize customer renewals with Zuora Renewals Pipeline from Redfast. Use Redfast’s pipelines toproactively guide engaged customers through early renewal offers. Target At Risk customers withremedial offers, content, or direct engagement.

Dynamic Offers and Pricing

Deploy one-time, recurring, or usage-based plans to specific customer segments based on location,schedule, device, engagement level, and ltv. Deliver escalating offers to at-risk customers to boostretention and resubscription rates.

No Code Deployment

Use Redfast’s no code deployment system to launch Zuora on your site to some or all yourcustomers. Roll out subscriptions, dynamic pricing, and offers with A-B experimentation built-inwithout any development
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