How it works

Boost growth the easy way

No-code platform for business teams to deliver targeted in-app prompts that increase conversion, retention, upsell, content and feature discovery.

How it works

Use variations in individual user behavior to serve in-app prompts with 1-click action.


Add the Redfast tag to your site and connect your billing system

<h>A single line of code<h> gives you the ability to target, trigger, and show prompts of any size and style. Direct connection to billing and user systems not only pulls in member information like lifetime value but also enables1-Click prompts


Start with out-of-the-box prompts or design your own

Select from a library of prompts for retention, or engagement, or upsell, or design your own custom prompt


Use Guides for multi-step prompts

Optionally, if your use calls for multi-step prompts to escalate a suggestion or simply provide a personalized onboarding experience, guides is the easiest and most powerful way to steer users through complex journeys


Create an A-B experiment for selected target audience

Configure an A-B test and take the guesswork out of offers, actions, and designs. Target the right user with built-in at risk and engaged segments or create your own custom segments


Measure results

With easy to understand and communicate metrics like impressions, click through rates, and conversion rates that work consistently across use cases

Overlays and inlines

Prompt styles that seamlessly blend inline with your site or stand out visually

Notification box


Text only

1-click integrations

An ever expanding list of 3rd party systems that you can directly connect like Stripe, Vindicia, Apple IAP, Roku Billing, Google Play, Amazon IAP, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SendGrid, Braze, and Zendesk.

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Migrated Amazon Prime billed customers to direct billed using Redfast

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Don't just take our word for it

Redfast is a no brainer must have for any digital business. Double-digit improvements to engagement and retention in the first week.

Tom Ryan


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