user prompts that work

Prompt users to take actions that they would not have on their own

Double-digit improvement to retention and engagement for subscription and ad-supported businesses

Over 10 million users prompted each day

Subscription and engagement businesses of all sizes rely on Redfast to accelerate growth

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Powerful and easy

1-Click technology

Direct connection to the backend maximizes conversion outcomes while matching the prompt behavior to the rest of your site

Immediate results

Out of the box prompts for cancellation, upsell, cross-sell, and feature discovery enable you to see results in days

No code

Fully no-code solution for the web frees your engineers backlog while empowering your growth and product teams

All devices

Fully supported on desktop and mobile web, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Samsung TV

Redfast is a no brainer must have for any digital business. Double-digit improvements to engagement and retention in the first week.

Tom Ryan

President & CEO, Streaming

Targeted and personalized

Say the right thing to the right person at exactly the right time

Seamless and effective

Create prompts that look and work exactly like the rest of your site

Experiment without coding

Built-in A-B testing lets you test your ideas in minutes without any engineering

Popular uses for Redfast

Stop users from canceling

Redfast can not only intervene with a personalized save offer, it can also anticipate users most likely to cancel.

Upsell premium plans to engaged users

Customers see a 8x-10x improvement in the number of users on the premium plan as well as an increase in cross-sell.

Personalize feature discovery and subscription benefits

Static fixed product tours do not work. Redfast personalizes customer onboarding and new feature discovery with Smart Guides.

Designed to empower business teams

Identify and mitigate at risk users

Built in at risk user detection and cancel-save prompt enables you immediately reduce cancellations

Upsell engaged users

Reward engaged users with discounted premium plans and increate positive ratings for your service

Convert more users in the buy flow

Personalize each step of the buy flow screens based on acquisition source, user behavior, and location

Personalize new user onboarding

Customize new user onboarding with guides that only prompt the user based on actions they have not taken

Guide users to known good behaviors

Use Pipelines to guide users to LTV boosting behaviors like episodic content consumption, continue watching, etc.

Define dedicated zones for marketing

Create and manage dedicated in-page zones for use by marketing and growth teams. Specify design and ux guardrails by zone.

Create and configure 1-click actions

Connect to billing, email, support system or external APIs to enable reusable 1-click actions

Enable marketing teams to be independent

Reduce backlog items for in app messaging, seasonal promotions, and pop ups

Use Redfast device APIs for complete control

Use Redfast APIs in your native apps for an SDK-free approach to personalized in-app prompts

A-B test offers with 1-click actions

Take the guesswork out of offers with A-B testing and holdout groups without any coding

See the realtime impact of offers and prompts on retention

Built-in retention cohorts allows you to see in realtime the impact of offers, guides, and prompts on retention and engagement

See plan utilization and profitability

Analyze content and feature consumption at the individual level. Accurately estimate profitability at the user and plan level.

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