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Subscription-based models are becoming an ever-more popular and integral acquisition strategy for health & wellness websites offering premium products or services.

Customer Engagement Platform for Health & Wellness Subscriptions

Whether it's providing access to specialized health care, the latest superfood health craze, or exclusive wellness programs, these subscriptions drive recurring revenue and customer engagement in the health industry. This is where Redfast, with our digital customer engagement platform, can be a game-changing asset from initial customer engagement through to exit-intent.

Product-led businesses choose Redfast

Redfast has been a game-changer for our customer retention efforts. With their expert guidance, we've experienced an immediate impact in preventing churn and reactivating subscriptions. Thank you, Redfast! Redfast's Guides feature has proven to be a transformative tool in our efforts to boost user retention. It has enabled us to launch step-by-step campaigns that optimize user behavior for engagement.

Sarah Hoffman

Senior Director, Growth Marketing

Redfast has been a great partner to our streaming business. Using their tools, we are seeing a 12% uplift in saving users with billing issues and 9% lift in saving users who intend to cancel. They held our hand throughout the set-up process but also taught us how to use the tools so that we can now launch new prompts, create A/B tests, and update existing prompts by ourselves. The tool is great, but the partnership with the Redfast team is what really tips the scale. I highly recommend using Redfast for your Lifecycle/Retention needs.

Kim P

Senior Director, Engagement

How The Redfast Platform Boosts Subscription Rates

With Redfast, health and wellness websites or apps can significantly reduce subscription cancellations and boost retention rates by 16-25%. Our platform intercepts cancellation attempts, offering personalized incentives or surveys to understand and address subscriber concerns.

Personalized Customer Engagement Options

Personalization is at the core of our user prompts platform. Redfast ensures that prompts address subscribers by name and deliver dynamic offers tailored to their health interests and needs. With our seamless 1-click technology, health and wellness subscribers can readily act on offers without disruption, including payment without redirection, ensuring a frictionless experience.

Engagement Campaigns Managed for You

Our premium feature offers fully managed campaigns designed to maximize subscriber retention and engagement for health websites. From cancel-save prompts to targeted upselling, our experienced team customizes campaigns to align with your website's unique content and subscriber base. With A-B testing and daily optimization, we ensure continuous subscriber satisfaction and retention improvement.

Fully Managed Prompts – Let Redfast Do the Work

With our premium features, you can opt-in for fully managed prompts for cancel-save, upsell, engagement, and acquisition campaigns. Businesses and organizations across many subscription-based industries, including health and wellness, use our expert digital customer engagement platform and specialist services to maximize their customer retention.Here is a brief overview of how this works:

  • You choose the prompts for cancel-save, upsell, feature adoption, content promotion or custom use case.

  • From here, the Redfast team utilize their experience in running prompts for 100 million MAU’s in order to design, target and configure your company’s use case.

  • At this point, you can preview our work by experiencing your prompt in a production environment, which replicates how an end user would experience it.

  • And another cool thing – we launch with A-B testing. This means that our team of experts will conduct statistical analysis on your behalf. We do this by using a control group, baseline prompt and variant to achieve the best possible outcomes for your use case.

  • From this point, we provide daily optimization by conducting ongoing evaluations of targeting, triggers, design, and CTA in order to generate the best outcomes for your company.

When speaking with the Growth Marketing Manager, they stated the following:

“Redfast’s approach to building deeper customer relationships with every one of our hundreds of thousands of subscribers is really unique. The software and the team are a delight to work with.”

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