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Leverage rich subscriber data to reduce churn

The Redfast - Recurly integration leverages rich subscriber information in Recurly to create prompts in Redfast that reduces cancellations, passive churn, and increase upsell. Empower business users to experiment with discounts, offers without any coding.

Use cases:

cancellation surveys

payment method update

dynamic paywalls

promote add-ons

discounts for at-risk users

shorten trials

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Experimenting with new use cases and build out

The most popular uses for mParticle with Redfast are in reducing churn for subscription businesses. Existing cancel flows can be made much more dynamic and personalized with the combined solution, resulting in 20% or more improvement to cancellation.

Use cases:

personalized onboarding

increase registration

boost app installs

reduce renewal anxiety

metered prompts

expand editorial reach


Enabling a variety of new capabilities for customers

Integration between AWS Pinpoint and Redfast enables a variety of new capabilities for AWS Pinpoint customers as well as Redfast customers by giving the ability to target users at their most engaged level.

Use cases:

omni-device messaging

behavioral targeting

editorialized recommendations

new user onboarding

engagement confirmations

content engagement

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Reaching users in real-time with 1-click outcomes

By leveraging SFMC Journey Builder, companies seamlessly integrate Redfast's no-code solution to deliver personalized in-app messages, including exclusive offers such as discounts, plan upgrades, giveaways, and more.

Use cases:

omni-channel engagement

behavioral targeting

cohort/lifecycle targeting

new user onboarding

engagement confirmations

content engagement

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Extend AEP and AJO to reach users in realtime

Extend the reach of AEP segments to in app users by connecting Redfast with the Adobe platform. Execute omnichannel journeys by connecting Redfast prompt outcomes with AJO.

Use cases:

omni-channel engagement

bi-directional data sync

1-click email cta

unified reporting

lifecycle marketing

triggered messaging

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The Redfast - Evergent integration uses Evergent APIs to sync rich subscriber information directly into Redfast and enables 1-click plan actions. Apply discounts or change a user's plan without coding.


Redfast connects directly to Stripe using API Keys or Stripe connect to retrieve discounts, plans, SKUs and allows you to apply discounts and/or change plans directly from the prompt without redirecting.


Redfast connects directly to Zuora via APIs to enable to change a user's plan and apply a discount. Business users can A-B test offers without any coding.


Activating the SendGrid connector allows you to initiate a triggered campaign as a prompt action, enrich the user profile with opt-in collected information such as name, email, etc.

Don't just take our word for it

Redfast is one of those companies that you know is going to change the status quo. Redfast is end-to-end, out-of-the-box, and cost-effective!

Emma Lloyd

Chief Business Officer

Redfast has been a great partner to our streaming business. Using their tools, we are seeing a 12% uplift in saving users with billing issues and 9% lift in saving users who intend to cancel. They held our hand throughout the set-up process but also taught us how to use the tools so that we can now launch new prompts, create A/B tests, and update existing prompts by ourselves. The tool is great, but the partnership with the Redfast team is what really tips the scale. I highly recommend using Redfast for your Lifecycle/Retention needs.

Kim P

Senior Director, Engagement


Can I limit the number of prompts shown to a user?

Yes, in multiple ways. You can specify an impression or user limit for the prompt. You can also specify a frequency cap for the prompt. You can also limit the prompt using a prompt budget if it is an offer or something with monetary value. You can also specify any or all of the above at the global level across all running prompts as well.

Any tips for achieving the best outcomes?

- Start with broad targeting to establish a baseline - Take the time to set up your prompts with 1-click CTAs - Create 2-3 variants of the prompt using A-B testing - Use Guides to show the prompt multiple times to a user using different formats for maximum conversion

What are the three most popular uses for Redfast?

Cancel save, upsell to premium plan, feature/content adoption are the three most popular uses for Redfast.

Do prompts have to be professionally designed?

Text-only prompts and prompts with a gradient color background do very well. Design is important to make it consistent with the rest of your site but simplicity is just as important in communicating with a user.

Is it really no code?

Yes, for websites and WebKit-based TV apps that use a tag manager. For native apps on iOS, Android, Roku, and Fire TV, you can use APIs (no SDK) or add the Redfast SDK.

What if my platform is not listed here?

You can contact a customer success team member to request us to add an integration to your platform.

How long does it take to launch the first prompt?

It depends. It can be as fast as one week or as long as one month. Deploying the tag, and selecting the first use case are critical dependencies to launching your first prompt. The sooner those are in place, the sooner you can launch.

What is an inline prompt?

Inline is a type of prompt that is designed to show up inside the page interspersed with the content on the page. A content card or tile inside a carousel or row is an example of an inline prompt.

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