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With the ever-increasing rise in media and entertainment brands, many major organizations are facing tough competition and need to keep engaging their customers to reduce abandonment rates on their streaming platforms.

Customer Engagement Platform for Entertainment

Billions of users worldwide consume various forms of content. From short reels to feature-length films, it’s a booming industry and the aim of the game is to attract, and keep these users hooked to your content.

But doing so isn’t an easy feat – and every brand faces subscription cancellations, downgrades, uninstalls and user churn. This is where the Redfast customer engagement platform comes into play – our platform gives your team the ability to achieve double-digit gains in conversion, retention and engagement.

With our most popular uses being cancel save, upselling to premium plans and feature/content adoption, our digital customer engagement platform for entertainment has a proven track record of success in generating sales revenue.

Product-led businesses choose Redfast

Redfast has been a game-changer for our customer retention efforts. With their expert guidance, we've experienced an immediate impact in preventing churn and reactivating subscriptions. Thank you, Redfast! Redfast's Guides feature has proven to be a transformative tool in our efforts to boost user retention. It has enabled us to launch step-by-step campaigns that optimize user behavior for engagement.

Sarah Hoffman

Senior Director, Growth Marketing

Redfast has been a great partner to our streaming business. Using their tools, we are seeing a 12% uplift in saving users with billing issues and 9% lift in saving users who intend to cancel. They held our hand throughout the set-up process but also taught us how to use the tools so that we can now launch new prompts, create A/B tests, and update existing prompts by ourselves. The tool is great, but the partnership with the Redfast team is what really tips the scale. I highly recommend using Redfast for your Lifecycle/Retention needs.

Kim P

Senior Director, Engagement

Case Study – Fortune 500 Company

We recently worked with a Fortune 500 Company in the Media & Entertainment industry.


We set out the initial goals, which were:

  • To increase trial to member conversion

  • To increase monthly to annual conversion

  • To increase premium feature utilization


But with any business sales strategy, there are challenges.

For this client, we identified the following:

  • They were in the dark on feature and content consumption

  • They were unable to react to declining or increasing consumption

  • There was no coupling between CRM and app CMS

  • They were unable to 1-click fulfil discounts

  • They were unable to message members on living room devices

  • There were stagnant returns from email, SMS and push campaigns

  • There was hardwired coupling between business systems

  • The CRM was not built for the needs of a subscription business


However, with the help of Redfast, we created the following outcomes:

  • There was a 20% increase in trial to member conversion

  • There was a 52% increase in monthly to annual conversion

  • There was a staggering 318% increase in premium feature utilization


The turnaround period for this outcome took 4 weeks.

Many important steps were taken to reach the ROI outcome of +$782,465 from 26,400 subscribers.

When speaking with the Growth Marketing Manager, they stated the following:

“Redfast’s approach to building deeper customer relationships with every one of our hundreds of thousands of subscribers is really unique. The software and the team are a delight to work with.”

How the Redfast Platform Aids in Generating Sales

Our customer engagement platform for entertainment is designed with a user-friendly interface that flows naturally for business users, and due to its simplicity, requires no training for new users.Our platform is effectively a ‘one stop shop.’ With monitoring, targeting, actionable guidance and marketing experiments all built in, this means that you don’t have to log in or coordinate multiple complex tools in order to deliver results.

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As we discussed previously, the rise in entertainment streaming services as at an all-time high, but with our innovative customer engagement platform and team of specialists, we can strengthen your business strategy to stay ahead of the competition. Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert support.