Better E-Commerce with Redfast

Better E-Commerce with Redfast


When 95 of the 100 people that visit your site leave without buying, there has to be more to optimizing your e-commerce experience than SEO and keywords. Would it surprise you to learn that you can 3x your sales by personalizing guidance on your site?

It starts with defining your unique value proposition. You know what sets you apart from the others, so start with monitoring whether visitors know that.

Sometimes it's as simple as the anchor product on your site. Or it may be more nuanced than that.

  • Unbelievably comfortable leggings
  • With pockets that never get in the way
  • Highest performing moisture wicking
  • Made for cycling comfort

If you can communicate that easily, you have earned the buyers attention and time.


Easily setup trackers that monitor whether visitors are interacting with your value proposition.

Point & Click to add trackers

Easily track whether visitors understand your unique value proposition


Less is more when customers are on your site. You'll be amazed with high double-digit click through rates for a targeted guidance like this.

A simple text guidance

And even when the customer does not click on the item, they have now seen and understood a key element of your unique value proposition.



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