Supercharging editorial content recommendations

Supercharging editorial content recommendations


Somewhere along the way, the hero carousel on the home screen stopped being as effective as they once were. Part of the problem is that users have learned to "tune it out," but a large part is also because the content lacks relevance to them. The hallmark of successful editorialization is to be able to make the content relevant to the reader within the few seconds you have.


Start with segmenting your audience into a few basic groups such as:

  • Number of visits: First time visitors, ten or fewer visits, twenty five or fewer visits etc.
  • Membership stage: Anonymous, trial, member, vip, cancelled.
  • Genres: Action fans, sports fans, drama fans etc.


Your content editorial team can readily come up with a set of recommendations for each of these groups.

Take a look at the hero image on the left. There are several unique approaches here. First, the message is highly personalized for the user. Next, the message is not about content but about an action - something most sites never use the hero position for.

Setup a Sequence so that you reinforce the editorial content not just on the hero carousel but in other strategic locations within the site as well.

This time notice how the message is much more subtle. In fact, there is no image. Just text, though still highly personalized.

Take it one step further via an API action to make the recommendation actionable with 1-click.

Now imagine that you can do that not just on mobile and desktop web devices but also on living room devices.

Editorial content often follows a calendar or 'programming slate'. Using Redfast's scheduling feature you can easy set your start and end dates for your content. You can also daypart (set time periods within a day) for your recommendations to make them even more relevant. To prevent user fatigue, also consider using frequency caps to limit how many times the same recommendation is made to a user.


Customers routinely achieve 25%-35% click through rates for editorial content and the current record stands at 50%!


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