Introducing members to a new feature or content

Introducing members to a new feature or content


Everyone loves grand openings because it's always great to start with a bang. However, a grand opening only reaches a small fraction of your potential customer base.

What if you could have a grand opening for each new feature that you launched and invite customers that value that feature? Imagine the impact this can have on your business and your customers.

Redfast makes it easy to do just that. Here is how it works.


Start by identifying pages that lead to a particular feature or piece of content you want to target. For example you might have a new series that is intended for a wide audience.

Alternatively you might have a new store attached to your existing membership area.

With Redfast's engagement suite you can easily detect if a user has ever visited the section of your site or not. You can think of it like guiding a member to a new area of a department store while they are strolling or browsing. To them this new category might be of great value, they just haven't heard about it yet.


Once you've located these users it's time to give them a nudge. One way is to start by setting up a one time interstitial. Right when a user visits, you can pull out all the stops and direct them to a full screen page letting them know about the feature. For most people this will do the trick.


Done right, this has proven at scale to create a significant impact not just on customer happiness but also retention.

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75 M
23% - 34%

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