Getting members to upgrade
Loyalty Development

Getting members to upgrade


The hallmark of every successful subscription business is the annual member. Annual members help your business thrive with reduced churn, improved cashflow, and best of all the happy ones tell their friends about you. Converting monthly members to annual is always a priority. A strategic nudge is all it takes most of the time.


Knowing when to reach out to your monthly member is key to converting them an annual member. Message them too early is a big risk. Not only will they not be ready for commitment, they might even perceive you as pushy.

Redfast covers the basics of static attributes based cohorts

That's just he basics. You can feel more confident by further refining this to target users who have experienced your service fully.

Redfast's built-in trending lets you easily target users with growing usage over time


Using Redfast's Sequences feature you can start out subtly and raise the volume as the urgency increases, particularly around special promotions.

Sequences are a unique way to message users differently at different times or on different devices

Start with a simple notification letting them know you have an offer for them.

If that does not work, on their second visit make it a richer banner message with graphics.

If the promotion is expiring, nothing wrong with getting their attention with an interstitial.

If the member accepts the offer at any point they will be upgraded to annual in your billing system via Redfast with just 1-click.


When you connect your value with the member's consumption, difficult strategies like annual plan upsells are not as difficult!

18 M
20 M
12% - 18%

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