What can enterprise saas learn from consumer saas
Enterprise SaaS

What can enterprise saas learn from consumer saas


Most enterprise SaaS products come with clearly defined features and benefits at each plan tier. The first step is to track the consumption of each plan tier's benefits so you know that the user is taking advantage of the items their plan entitles them to.

A widely prevalent problem in Enterprise SaaS is the tendency to confuse users with complexity and power within the product. How can you tell whether you are confusing your users? Simple. Look for telltale signs in their usage patterns. For instance, when a user enters an area repeatedly but never clicks on the button that activates that capability, you can be reasonably confident that you've missed the mark.


Create trackers that monitor key elements of your service's value proposition. In this example, the customer service SaaS platform is tracking whether customers are using the chat module, ticketing module, and knowledge base features of the system. Also, they are tracking whether a customer has customized the look and feel with their branding.

Once the trackers are in place and processing data, you can evaluate whether the customer is adding more content to the knowledge base on a week over week basis and has completed customizing the branding elements.

Check for increasing knowledge base articles and custom branding
Know when customers have not performed any customization

Create segments that keep track of the extent of consumption for metered products.

Let's say that the premium support option only allows for 3 chats each week. Using Redfast, you can know when a customer is nearing or exceeding the limit in real time.


The first step in guiding users is to design personalized sequences that increases the user's familiarly with the features and benefits they are entitled to.

It's easy to spot frustration with Redfast. The frustrated user segment is always real time and readily accessible for business rules like informing the account manager via the Salesforce CRM connector. Better still automatically initiate a customer support chat on your user's behalf with your helpdesk.

It's easy to find upsell opportunities with customers reaching the limit of their metered consumption. Again, you can initiate a message to the account manager via your CRM system or present the user with a message asking them if they would like you to get in touch to discuss the next plan tier.



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