Making registration relevant

Making registration relevant


As more and more online subscriptions move towards a freemium model, many businesses are finding that they are converting a tiny fraction of their paid acquisition into registered users.

By understanding the behavior of anonymous users and their intent, our customers have been able to boost registration by an additional 15%.


When an anonymous user repeatedly accesses the same content on your site or the same feature, odds are that they are beginning to unlock value. Similarly, when an anonymous user has checked out the full breadth of your features, you can be sure that they are invested in evaluating your service. Both of these behaviors are great indicators that the user can be guided to registering successfully.

Redfast can helps you manage the users lifecycle, even when you don't know who they are. Consider providing this user with context on how registration can help them. For example, if you have a limit of 4 pieces of free content they can consume, consider 'speaking' to them once they view 3 items asking them to register. Trackers gives you an easy way to further target just these users as they use your product.


With this highly targeted set of visitors that are on your site, a simple pop-up can prove very effective at increasing registration.

With everything the user needs to complete the registration in one place and the ability to dismiss the request, the user's time and desires can be respected to create a win-win situation.


Redfast produces incredible results at scale in boosting registration. Here are some aggregated statistics for this particular solution.

92 M
260 M
7% - 11%

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