Rolling out the red carpet for your VIPs
Loyalty Development

Rolling out the red carpet for your VIPs


You have probably enjoyed a VIP experience with a travel or hospitality business before. For example, if you have status at any popular hotel from the moment you walk in the door the staff know everything about your preferences. This includes the number of nights you've stayed, if you prefer a higher floor, will request a suite or even the time you eat breakfast. Imagine having the same knowledge as the hotel and using that information to make your members feel appreciated by offering discount upgrades or giving early access to new features. Not only is it great to give your members the VIP treatment, it is the number one approach to building lasting relationships with your customers. For VIP users who frequent your establishment there's no better way to leave a lasting impression.


If you are thinking of starting with members who have been with you for many months, you would be right. Locating VIP members from your pool of high LTV users is an excellent place to begin sifting for your most valuable users.

But there is more you can do with Redfast. When you combine a user's engagement with their tenure, you have a powerful way to qualify VIPs or even differentiate between different levels of VIPs!

Consider further segmenting these highly engaged, and long tenured members by the aspect (feature and/or content) of your service they use the most.


What might this member value as a reward? Sometimes, it can be as simple as a badge or a 'VIP' treatment on the menu bar.

Take it a step further with exclusive access to the aspects they are most interested in. Maybe an early release of a feature or content just for them?

If you subscription also contains one-time purchased commerce or digital items, a small reward can go a long way towards building a great relationship.


Sometimes it's the things that cost you nothing that end up having the most impact on your business!

7 M
23 M
43% - 57%

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