Calming renewal anxiety

Calming renewal anxiety


We've all been there. The feeling of paying for something and not being sure that you are getting value from it. For a media site, this may be the feeling that you've seen everything that is interesting to you.

It's not as hard to turn this perception around as you might think. The trick, of course, is to really connect and empathize with the user by providing new value.


Identifying anxious users with Redfast is easy. Start with positioning trackers on key areas of your site like "My Stuff" and "Account" or even the "Cancel Membership" button.

Add trackers without any coding to important pages and buttons on your site


Sometimes the answer is as simple as letting the user know that the next season of the show they last binged on is now available.

If that's not enough, giving them a free month can go a long way.


Relevant editorial content can easily generate 25%+ conversion rates. Next month free is among the best performing save offers across all of our customers. Nearly 35% of users accept this offer!

39 M
39 M
30% - 35%

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