Standardized Guidance Layouts

Inspired by the IAB

With as much work done by the IAB to refine best practices for advertising on the web and devices, we looked to them for guidance and inspiration to bring the same familiar layouts to our platform. Growth marketers familiar with organizing acquisition campaigns will now find setting up retention or engagement campaigns to be just as familiar. Furthermore, consumers benefit the most when you embrace a consistent look and feel for your brand outside your site and inside your site.

Eight sizes fits all

After processing billions of guidance events across multiple industries and devices, we have adopted the following eight layouts:

  • Horizontal: 2x1,4x1,6x1, 8x1, and 10x1 banners with headline, subheading, and upto three buttons.
  • Vertical: 1x2,1x3, and 1x4 banners with headline, subheading, and upto three buttons.
  • Tile: 2x1, 4x1, 6x1, 8x1, 10x1 banners with headline and subheading designed to blend into a carousel.
  • Text Only: A text only guidance that can be placed anywhere on your site or even act as a new menu item. Similar to Google Ad Words.
  • Pop-up: Small, medium and large banners with headline, subheading, and up to three buttons.
  • Video: A video player that can play HLS, DASH, and MP4 content with a headline and buttons.
  • Interstitial: A full screen guidance that appears between or before a new navigation action by the user.
  • Custom: Any width x height banner or solid block promotion with a headlines, subheading and up to three buttons.

Other new releases

Redesigned for Speed and Repeatability
The average Redfast customer has over 25 segments, 15 logins, and 50 personalizations. With this rapid growth in usage, we had to redesign the product so routine tasks are easy and teams can be productive.
Living Room Devices
Redfast now supports the most popular living room devices end to end. You can now monitor, target, and guide users on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Samsung TV devices.
An industry-first way to understand and manage your users based on the stage of their life cycle with your business.
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