Fully personalized lifecycle

Not only is each member unique in how they use your service, they are also differentiated based on their life cycle with your service. A new visitor arriving on your site for the first time has different objectives than an annual member. Their expectations from you are also very different, some want to be left alone and others may appreciate some hand holding. Redfast Pipelines is an industry-first innovation that lets you guide users at various stages of their life cycle in real time.

Built-in Member, Engagement, and E-Commerce Pipelines

Redfast makes it easy for you to get started with Pipelines with several built-in pipelines to suit your business. Member pipeline is aimed at subscription businesses with or without a free tier. Engagement pipeline is useful for all businesses - paid or free and E-commerce pipeline is useful for any shopping oriented business. Each pipeline also contains built-in segments of Engaged and At Risk users at each stage of the lifecycle.

Member Pipeline

Every online subscription business has anonymous visitors, registered users, trial users, paying members, and cancelled members. With built-in awareness of Engaged and At Risk populations within each of these stages, Redfast's Member Pipeline gives you a birds-eye view and control of your membership. You can now tailor guidance that is exactly right for the member and, more importantly, actively guide your members from one stage to the next.

Engagement Pipeline

Every content business aims to have their audience coming back for more. Tap into inherent characteristics that differentiates your first-timers from users coming back for the 100th time. Redfast separates your audience into five groups based on how often they visit you, how long they stay, and the rate at which they visit you over the last few months.

E-Commerce Pipeline

Every shopper goes through a process before making a purchase on your site. By seeing and speaking with your shoppers, in real-time, as they make their way through initial arrival, browsing, considering, adding to cart and ultimately checking out, you have an unprecedented view into where users need help and the tools to help them. Merchants can easily achieve more than 25% improvement to cart value and arpu with Redfast's E-commerce pipeline.

Custom Pipelines

Built-in pipelines are a great way to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact on your business but you can get even more from Redfast with custom pipelines. You know your service better than any AI model can, so why not take that knowledge and embody it into a custom pipeline? A custom pipeline allows you to codify known good behaviors and get more users to model desired behavior patterns. For example, your content subscription may prove more sticky with users who watch at least four different shows as compared to users who watch four episodes of one show. With a Redfast custom pipeline, you can easily create a four stage pipeline that is comprised of users that watch one, two, three, and four shows and guide users from one stage to the next.

Other new releases

Redesigned for Speed and Repeatability
The average Redfast customer has over 25 segments, 15 logins, and 50 personalizations. With this rapid growth in usage, we had to redesign the product so routine tasks are easy and teams can be productive.
Living Room Devices
Redfast now supports the most popular living room devices end to end. You can now monitor, target, and guide users on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Samsung TV devices.
Standardized Guidance Layouts
After processing billions of guidance events across multiple industries and devices, we have adopted the following eight layouts.
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