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Real Time

Redfast Real Time is an interactive tool to add guides and promotions anywhere on your website without programming. Using the point-and-click tool you can add new monitors or place new guidance. X-Ray lets you see the Redfast powered areas on your site and how they are performing. Real Time makes it just as easy to remove items that are no longer needed.

Redfast Real Time is a multifaceted tool enables a customer to experience the website as an end user would, understand the end user's traits and add Redfast placements anywhere on the site in a 'point and click' like fashion. Companies can empower business users within their company to make highly personalized changes to the end user facing web application without coding. For example, a marketing manager can add a placement on the home page that offers a discount only to users likely to churn.

Redfast Real Time consists of:

  • Real Time Inspect - a way to understand a specific user's traits, attributes, and promotions for which they qualify
  • Real Time Preview - a way to experience the site as a specific end user
  • Real Time Edit - a way to add promotional elements to an existing site through point and click

Live Edit

While a customer may add the placement to their application without the use of Real Time, the standard approach requires the user to add HTML to their application. This frequently requires a deep technical understanding of the web application where the non technical user either does not have domain expertise or authority to make changes. The Redfast Real Time Placement Injector circumvents the need for code changes to the web application by providing the user a point and click approach to inserting the HTML tag while browsing live on the application. Once the placement has been added, the user may opt to make these changes permanent going forward. The Redfast SDK will automatically generate the placement by dynamically inserting the necessary HTML for all subsequent eligible end users.


During the validation process customers may run quality testing to verify that the placement is showing to the correct segments of users. By impersonating a specific end user associated with a segment using the end user id override feature, the customer no longer needs to authenticate into a real end user account to preview promotions and placements. In summary, the customer can perform implementation and verification of Redfast integrations without outside technical consultation.

Other new releases

Redesigned for Speed and Repeatability
The average Redfast customer has over 25 segments, 15 logins, and 50 personalizations. With this rapid growth in usage, we had to redesign the product so routine tasks are easy and teams can be productive.
Living Room Devices
Redfast now supports the most popular living room devices end to end. You can now monitor, target, and guide users on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Samsung TV devices.
An industry-first way to understand and manage your users based on the stage of their life cycle with your business.
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